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Individual Health Insurance 

Broker Fee Agreement

The parties to this agreement are _________________________  ("CLIENT") AND JOEL WEFEL, Colorado Department of Insurance License Number 485297 ("BROKER").


CLIENT appoints BROKER as CLIENT'S insurance broker of record.


This agreement shall become operative on ______________(date), and shall continue in full force until terminated by either party.


BROKER agrees to represent CLIENT honestly and competently.


CLIENT agrees to pay BROKER a broker fee for BROKER'S services. The broker fee is $100.00 Annually. The broker fee is not refundable.


BROKER may in the future charge CLIENT, and CLIENT agrees to pay, additional fee(s) for the services listed below. The additional fees and services are:

  • Service:   Consulting/Individual Health Insurance

  • Amount:    $50.00/30 minutes


Following are the nature and amount of all fees known to BROKER that will be charged by persons other than BROKER or the insurance company in connection with current placement of CLIENT's insurance. These fees are not retained by BROKER.



Client Signature




Broker Signature



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